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Online Banking

Roam on the range

Securely access your accounts in the field, on the road, or from your office.

  • Mobile Ready

    Access your account information at any time of day anywhere in the United States1 on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone2.

  • Text Banking

    Enjoy the fastest access to your accounts using simple text message commands on your mobile phone.3

  • Alerts & Notifications

    Receive email alerts when your balance drops below a certain amount, a check clears, or an account nears maturity.

  • Easy Transfers

    Set up one-time or scheduled transfers between your accounts with us to automate savings goals or pay your loan balance.

  • Online Statements

    Sign up for online statements to download statements directly to your computer and reduce paper clutter 4.

  • Easy Export

    Export data from your accounts to your personal computer in CSV and OFX file formats.

Important Information

  1. Online Banking is not intended for use outside of the United States.
  2. Requires an Internet connection and a personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone capable of running a modern web browser. Contact us for details.
  3. Text Banking is an optional service and is not a condition of using any other product or service. By activating Text Banking, you authorize us to send certain types of account information (such as balances, recent transactions, and partial account numbers) by unencrypted text message. We will never send sensitive information, such as full account numbers, your User ID and password, your Social Security number, or your name and address through Text Banking.
  4. Requires additional registration within Online Banking and software capable of viewing PDF documents.

Getting Started

  • Grab your account info

    You'll need your contact information and your account numbers to sign up. Learn more about our deposit accounts and loans.

  • Check your system

    Verify you're using a recent version of a modern web browser, your operating system is up to date, and your internet connection is secure. Call us if you have questions.

  • Complete registration

    Complete your registration. Once we verify your details, we'll email you with login information.

    Register for Online Banking

Online Banking Security

Online Banking Security & Safeguards

Is Online Banking secure?
Online Banking uses industry-standard protocols and safeguards. When you sign in to Online Banking using your computer or mobile device, sensitive information is scrambled using strong 128-bit encryption. Encrypted pages start with and turn your address bar green.
How can I make sure I'm at the right website?
You can verify our identity at any time by viewing the security certificate in your browser's address bar. Make sure the certificate reads "Fidelity State Bank and Trust Company, Dodge City, Kansas, US" before providing your login details.
What is Multifactor Authentication?
Multifactor authentication adds an additional layer of security in case your username or password are stolen. From time to time, we will send one-time passcodes to your phone or email address. This security feature makes it more difficult for crooks to access your account since they need not only your username and password but also your phone or access to your email account.
Is Text Banking secure?
We only send texts to phones that you register within a secure Online Banking session. You can easily deactivate the service by texting "STOP" or by managing notifications within Online Banking.
Since text messages may not be encrypted, we only send non-sensitive information about your accounts via Text Banking. This includes a masked version of your account number, balance information, and recent transaction amounts. We will never send your name, Social Security number, user id or password, or full account number via text.
I don't want my balance information sent via text message.
Text Banking is an optional service. You can always login to Online Banking for an encrypted session.
What else do you do to protect my accounts?
Behind the scenes, we maintain a variety of security features to help protect your accounts from unauthorized access. For consumers, our handling of your sensitive personal information is governed at all times by our Consumer Privacy Policy.
What do I do if my computer, phone, or password is stolen?
Call us at once at 1-620-227-8586. We'll help deactive your Online Banking accounts.
I received an email asking me to verify my account details. What should I do?
Ignore it. We will never ask for your user id and password or other confidential information via email or phone call. If you ever have a question, please call us at 1-620-227-8586 before providing your confidential information to anyone.

Protecting Yourself Online

Keep everything updated
Make sure your web browser and operating system are always updated with recent versions and security patches. You should also use acceptable anti-virus and firewall protections.
Pick secure passwords
Choose difficult to guess passwords and don't base passwords on easy-to-find information like names or birthdays of family members or your address.
Also, don't base your passwords on confidential information. If a password were ever exposed online, this information could become public.
Keep information private
Don't share your username and password with others, and never email your username and password to anyone.
Keep your information up to date
Make sure your email address and contact information are always current within Online Banking.
Keep your devices tidy
Your mobile phone is a lot like a wallet when you bank online. To reduce risks if your phone is lost or stolen, always use a security code. Also make sure you delete Text Banking messages when you are finished with the information.
Educate yourself
Internet risks are constantly evolving. Take time to educate yourself, using websites like the U.S. government's OnGuardOnline.